Skosay changes the way brands connect with consumers

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Skosay allows brands to create, manage and measure promotions on one platform through samples, rebates, coupons, giveaways, surveys and content. Campaigns are turnkey and fully managed by our team or can be self-serviced.

Simplified Efficient Campaign Building

We've streamlined the process of publishing promotional offers. Samples, Rebates, Coupons, Surveys and Giveaways can be launched within minutes, all on the Skosay platform.

Advanced Audience Targeting

Our audience builder allows you to promote offers to consumers who match your target audience. Use a number of segments including gender, marital status, household income, age and location for a highly targeted campaign.

Direct Consumer Feedback

Receive unfiltered feedback from consumers who try your product. Surveys and ratings will help you learn about the consumers' experience with your brand, identify areas for improvement, and measure future purchase intent.

Real-Time Insights & Analytics

Capture live campaign results, with detailed insights for each promotion you run, including offer sign-ups, retail and category affinities, demographics, and much more. Use the data to optimize your future campaigns.